Moving on

For quite a while I had registered and hosted my domains with a cheap hoster (PHP, MySQL-DBs, FTP-Access and no custom DNS-config included). Now it is time to move forward and I switched all my stuff to Regfish, where a friend and I rented a virtual server.

During the move I took the chance to try out Google App Engine with their preview of PHP support. I was amazed how easy it is to host my one-page website on a free GAE-instance. The PHP script my website is made off is basicly a HTML file extended with some request-variables and a mail-function for the contact form. I had to write an app-config file, change three lines of code for mail() and deploy it to the cloud. The result can be found here Awesome!

Setting up a custom domain for the app engine was easy too, since I was using Google Apps anyway.

As everything went so smooth I dont need no stinkin' hosted virtual web server environment anymore. Hello scalable cloud!